Meet The Children

Meet Nakimuli Jamilah

Meet Nakimuli Jamilah. Jamilah is a 12 year old girl who for most of her life has been raised by a single mother. Soon after Jamilah was born, her grandmother became very ill and her mother left the family’s home to go and care for her. Jamilah’s father resented that her mother was gone for too long and was not there to cook his meals and clean the home. After Jamilah’s mother’s own mother had passed away, she returned home where she was thrown out along with their children. Jamilah’s mother was then left to care for her four children on her own and had a really hard time finding a place to live as well as a steady job. As fate would have it, Jamilah’s mother had met Sister Bernadette while in the hospital caring for her mother. Wanting a better life for her children, Jamilah’s mother contacted Sister Bernadette to see if there was some way that she could help her send Jamilah to school. Immediately Sister Bernadette reached out to us and we were able to find Jamilah a sponsor. Jamilah now attends a primary boarding school where her favorite subject is social studies. When Jamilah grows up she would like to be a bank manager and when asked if she could have one thing in the world what would it be she responded, “a happy life and to always be surrounded by family”.