Meet The Children

Meet Nannungi Ronnah Caroline

Meet Nannungi Ronnah Caroline. Ronnah is a 15 year old girl who became an orphan once her mother married another man who wanted nothing to do with her. Sadly, this is a common fate for most stepchildren in Uganda. Many men do not want to raise children who are not their own and therefore, stepchildren are generally left to fend for themselves and oftentimes become street children.

Ronnah was lucky to be left in Sister Bernadette’s care but sadly has no relationship with her mother or any other family members (her father is unknown). Ronnah is known as being a hard worker and very driven. In primary school, Ronnah was consistently at the top of her class and things were looking up for her until her sponsor no longer was able to help pay her tuition. Knowing Ronnah’s potential, Sister Bernadette was determined to find a new sponsor for her and turned to us for help. Thankfully, Helen offered to sponsor Caroline and we are happy to report that she is currently attending St. Kizito High School where her favorite subject is history. Ronnah has shared that she would like to be a designer when she gets older. Her wish for her future is simple, she just wants to have a good life.