Meet The Children

Meet Nawera Brenda

Meet Nawera Brenda. Brenda is an 8 year old girl who up until she was 7 years old lived with her mother in her mother’s native village where she was kept from attending school. After years of trying to seek custody of Brenda and provide her with a better life, Brenda’s father was finally granted custody around a year ago. Upon Brenda’s arrival to Namugongo (where her father lives), she came with one tattered dress and only spoke the tribal language of her mother’s village. Seeing how Brenda struggled to communicate and the impact of her not attending school had, both Sister Bernadette as well as Brenda’s father set out to find her a sponsor. With our help, we were able to find Liz to sponsor Brenda and she is now attending a primary day school where her favorite subject is science and she would like to become a teacher. When asked if she could have one thing in the world what would it be, she replied a chance to meet and thank her sponsor.