Meet The Children

Meet Amigo Sarah

Meet Amigo Sarah. Sarah is a 12 year old girl whose parents passed away when she was very young. Sarah is the youngest of nine children and has been in and out of temporary homes since her parents’ deaths. Sarah was placed in Sister Bernadette’s care two years ago and was one of the first children who Sister Bernadette asked us to help find a sponsor for. Since Sarah moved around so much and did not consistently attend school, when she took the entrance exam for the primary school that she is currently attending she was placed in a grade with students much younger than her because her education was so poor. This however has not stopped Sarah from working hard and from finishing at the top of her class each year. Sarah’s favorite subject is math and she hopes to become a teacher. The one thing Sarah wants in life is to get a good job so that she can afford to help pay for children to go to school who otherwise would not have the chance to do so.