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Hi all!

We are so honored to share with you a beautiful painting painted by a local (very talented) artist, Diane Surine, that was inspired by some of the children of Waves of Education. Please take a moment to read how Diane became affiliated with Waves of Education and a little bit more about the painting.

The painting is for sale and all proceeds from the sale go directly to Waves of Education. If you are interested in purchasing the painting please e-mail us at

1) How did you hear about/get involved with Waves of Education?

My daughter, Nicole, is a close friend of Kristina’s. Nicole told me about Waves of Education’s plan to build a school in Uganda, and I was so impressed with the compassion and drive that Kristina and her sister had, I started to tell everyone I knew about it. When I saw how two young individuals from Metuchen could make such a big difference, it woke me up. I couldn’t stop thinking about how remarkable it was.

2) What made you choose to paint the picture that you did? Did you add any special touches to it?

I loved this one video posted by Waves of Education, showing the children sitting together with books on their laps, learning and interacting, and I decided it would make an interesting painting. One of the additions I added was the wave. I wanted to find a way to use an actual wave in the painting, because it shows how education spreads; from one to another, like a wave. It’s not just a school, or a teacher, or books. It’s the magic that happens when it all comes together and information is shared.

3) What are you hoping that this painting will achieve?

I want to help drive awareness for the cause. By showing the painting in Metuchen, I hope that other Metuchenites will be proud to see “two of our own” making a difference and will join in supporting Wave of Education. I also want to inspire Kristina and her sister in some small way, by showing them how much I personally support them. Words didn’t seem to be enough.

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